Who are we?

Founded in 2015, the Legends started out as a small organsation of locals running the original Legends of Bruges Free Walking Tour. Since then we have become the no.1 walking tour organisation in Bruges, offering a wide variety of day tours, night tours and tasting tours as well as other tours and activities including chocolate demonstrations, brewery visits and beer tastings! You can also book personalised private tours with us. Hope to see you soon for a legendary time with us in Bruges!

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Meet our guides

Growing up in Bruges means soaking up a lot of history, which is why Simon studied a master’s degree in medieval history. After travelling the world for a few years and joining walking tours everywhere, he settled back in Bruges and set up the Legends company. These days he mostly works from behind the scenes, but if you’re lucky you can still see him in action sharing his love for history.

Growing up, Nicolas had a teacher who would end his class every day by telling an old story or legend about Bruges. Nicolas was so fascinated by these stories that he kept on telling them for years to anyone willing to listen. When his friends and family finally lost interest, he came up with the idea to start the Legends tours so he can keep doing what he loves best: telling tales of his beloved Bruges.

Louis is our grandad, born and raised in the city of Bruges and even used to own a night club here. Having lived through most of its history, there’s nothing Louis doesn’t know about Bruges’ past and present. Old of age but young of spirit, Louis tirelessly takes his groups of enthusiastic followers on daily strolls through town, never earning less than 5 stars for his infinite wisdom and boundless passion.

Lander is a local from Bruges who runs his own B&B in town called Tripel B, but on his tour you’ll usually get the L treatment: lively Lander will make you laugh out loud with his legendary storytelling and lame jokes while sharing his limitless love for the land. You will often see him wearing his red costume and top hat, so on a tour with Lander you never go out of style!

A dental assistant with a huge love for chocolate and waffles, you’ll find Liesbeth often leading our tasting tours. With her tasteful outfits and delightful explanations, this blond goddess will make you crave for more.

If you ever get to a crossroads and you don't know where to go, do something brave and leap into the unknown. This was Natalie's idea several years ago as she left England and never looked back. A free spirit landed in Bruges in 2012, settling in very nicely to this small city buzz. After years of being charmed by the city and its stories, she now shares her passions, knowledge and experiences with you.

All the way from Mexico Mauricio travelled to Bruges for the first time in March 2018 and decided that he never wanted to leave. Graduated as an architect, he’s a master at pointing out the architectural wonders of medieval Bruges in his own charming and engaging style.

As a former event planner in Mexico, Lizzy has always enjoyed giving people a good time. After falling in love with a Belgian guy she moved to Bruges and discovered the history geek in her, which is why she joined the Legends team. Besides history, you can ask Lizzy anything about the best shops around the city and the places you shouldn't miss out on to make your stay in Bruges extra memorable!

Sander, 24-years-old. Born and raised in Bruges, achieved a teachers degree in history and ethics at the local college. Currently studying philosophy in Ghent, Sander is a real history buff who knows how to captivate his audience!

His name is Bob and he has one job: to put a smile on your face while he takes you around his hometown and tells you insightful stories of a long forgotten past. Besides being an entertainer and a tour guide, Bob is also hosting his own B&B in the heart of town, so if you want the complete experience in Bruges, look no further!

Emiel is a homegrown history and ethics teacher on a mission to fill your head with intriguing stories and delicious brainfood. This young stallion is dedicated to making the complex history of our golden days easy to digest. Ask everything you can while on a tour with this lad, because like all good things your time with Emiel will come to an end.

After being born and raised in Bruges Jeannine embarked on an adventure through Belgium and fell in love in Antwerp. Unable to withstand the attraction of her hometown she eventually convinced her husband to follow her back to beautiful Bruges, where they live high in the clouds with an incredible view over the skyline of the old city.

One of Jan’s ancestors was a gatekeeper in Bruges in the 1290’s. Though officially a ‘halfling’ due to having an American birthlady, his pride of his hometown is passionately conveyed through an uncanny anatomy of distinct idioms. These locutions Jan will use to always outwit you. With Jan the house always wins. Bring a smile and a good sense of humour to his tours.

Born in Poland, grew up in UK, travelled widely and now residing in Bruges, Igor's passion is history and its mysteries. Journalist, treasure hunter and tour guide, he specialises in archaeology and Middle Ages so if you want to know what was Bruges connection with the Holy Grail, druids, crusades and Knights Templars, not forgetting tips about best chocolates and beers, Igor is your man!

Gerard travelled the world as a sailorman for 17 years, until love brought him to the shores and made him set up camp in Bruges. He's a walking and talking encyclopedia concerning the history of Bruges and he'll happily share it all with you in French, preferably over a few beers. He’s also the official DJ of the best football team in the world: Club Bruges!